Heroes S3 E20, 21

Going into both last week’s and this week’s episodes of Heroes I thought I wasn’t going to like them, but actually both were pretty cool (no pun intended – sorry Tracy Strauss!). I was turned off by the opening scene of Cold Snap, where Danko shaved with kind of a jerkey video effect. But all the scenes with Hiro, Ando, and Baby Matt Parkman were a hoot. As much as other people might have seen it coming, I was pretty surprised by the reveal of Rebel – I’d been thinking it was some guy in South America dressed as Simon Bolivar, based on the comics! And of course we’ll all miss cute Daphne, but at least she got a happy ending with Matt.

Into Asylum was good, except for Nathan and Claire’s random trip to Mexico (with lots of scenes verging on potentially awkward). And we don’t like Claire’s new bangs, though her fake drunk acting was funny (Random dude: “You don’t seem drunk at all.” Claire: “[giggles]”) If the shape-shifter could be anyone, why would he want to look like Danko?! If he’s telling women he’s some powerful guy, he might as well be a good-looking powerful guy! I wonder how long it’ll be before they realize Sylar’s not really dead, and that he and Danko are in cahoots. Also, if, like Danko said, Sylar would be the only one left, what would be his purpose to go on living at that point? Also, who do you think Aunt Petrelli could be?!

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