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Last Sunday I went with GG to this comedy open mic he’s been going to for a few weeks. One of his local comedian friends hosts it. The only reason I agreed to go was that it was supposed to start at 5:00, and I knew we’d be home early. The show was held in a small bar attached to a nice restaurant. We got there early and ate dinner (in the bar), while waiting for everyone else to show up. GG said the show might not start until more like 5:30, because there weren’t many people there to perform. That was fine with me. Well, it got to be 6, then 7, then 8:00… and we learned that there was a new rule because GG offended someone in the dining room last time, that the comedy show couldn’t begin in the bar until everyone who was eating in the restaurant dining room had left! So the show started three hours late because of GG’s new rule!

Besides the host, who told some jokes to open the show and between each performer, there were three people performing. First was the host’s girlfriend – she hadn’t done comedy for a while, and seemed pretty nervous. Then was GG. He was told he had 10-12 minutes (which is really tons of time in the stand-up world), and ended up going for almost 20. He pretty much lost the crowd halfway through. Finally, there was a retired military guy who now works in security and was wearing a gun, which he revealed when he took off his coat just before he started performing. He didn’t really tell jokes, he just told Army stories which were sometimes funny, but really not. But you had to laugh, he had a gun!

I just bought a big cat tree on eBay for $.99 (plus $90 s&h, but still!). I think Sacha will really enjoy it – he loves climbing up stuff he’s not supposed to, and recently he’s started balancing on top of the small (about 18″) scratching post we have. So hopefully he’ll actually play with this thing! We have a spot to put it, where I was hoping to put some sort of cabinet, but that’s obviously not happening anymore… haha!

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  1. When did you get the orange tabby? Looks a little calico-ish, too.
    Maybe you’ve had her/him a while and I haven’t been paying attention.

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