Linky Thursday – 3/26

Top Ten Most Annoying Alarm Clocks: I personally have no problem waking up and getting right out of bed the moment my alarm goes off. But I know lots of people will hit the snooze button for hours, missing classes, being late for work, etc. Maybe one of these will help those poor folks out? (I think the egg-laying one is the silliest.)

C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine: My new favorite thing! I’ve used some of their other tinted products before, but I just cracked open a tube of the plain clear balm and I love it! (Also, you can buy it at Bath & Body Works.)

Baking with Cadbury Creme Eggs: A list of recipes using my favorite Easter candy (besides jellybeans, but you can get those anytime). The Stuffed Vanilla Cupcakes sound like an especially delicious treat.

“The Spite House” in Alexandria, Virginia: Have you heard of this house? It was named the narrowest house in America by Ripley’s at 7 feet wide, and it’s called the “spite house” because the owner walled off his alleyway to keep people from hanging out there. I’ve seen pictures of the exterior, but just saw this blog post with some interior photos – it’s decorated pretty nicely! (And now you can never again complain about your small rooms.)

2 comments on “Linky Thursday – 3/26

  1. I am all over that Cadbury site!

    I can’t believe you *JUST* discovered Mentha Lip Shine! I used it for quite some time but realized my lips were getting more chapped because I kept chewing the gloss off my lips (YUM!)

  2. Well I didn’t just discover it, I’ve been using the tinted ones for a couple years now, but I just started the clear one, which somehow seems different and better to me :o)

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