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I know if I’m patient a new episode of 18 Kids and Counting will be on in just an hour, but I’ve been watching these Duggar videos on TLC.com and wanted to share some thoughts.

Let’s start with Baby 18. Nothing particularly fascinating except that cousin Amy says “You have no idea what kind of family you’re getting involved in,” which is the same thing she said on the actual episode. Was this some sort of rehearsal? Also, in the episode she happily says baby Jordyn is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Check out the wall words behind her in this video – wonder where she picked up that phrase?

Next up, the hilariously edited Dating vs. Courtship. Oh my gosh, thank you TLC editors! Especially hilarious moments include:
0:15 – Josh: “Our relationship was courtship, not dating.” Cut to Anna giving a look like “What the heck are you talking about?!”
0:58 – Josh and Anna share a giant pickle while Josh narrates that “the emotions are there but… I love her so much that I would not step over that line” (i.e. the “no kissing before marriage” line).
1:12 – It totally looks like Josh is going in for a kiss!
1:20 – Sounds like Anna didn’t get the birds and the bees talk until a couple weeks before she got married?! At age 20?! She thinks it’s important to wait until you need that information to get it because a lot of people get it too soon and regret their choices. (I can just imagine their conversation: “He’s going to put what, where?! I’m glad I didn’t know about this sooner, I wouldn’t have accepted his proposal!”)
1:58 – Producer: “Did you Google or YouTube ‘how to kiss?'” Anna: “No! …They have it on there?”
And the horrible Pa Kellar throughout. “Ohhh, I’m in love!”

In Caught On Camera, Jessa breaks a commandment when she says she didn’t throw a bagel at the cameraman when they were at the animal park! Then when she’s caught in her lie (they probably showed her the video), she goes, “Amy started it!”

Jim Bob Says Goodbye is actually pretty cute. The caption says “Jim Bob is usually the last Duggar ready to go – now we see why,” so I thought it was going to be that he had to wait for Michelle to cook him breakfast and shave his neck, or he had to take time to Aqua Net his hair or something. But the real reason is very sweet. Also:
0:30 – Jim Bob asks Michelle where the new socks and undies are that he bought. I thought they only bought used?! (Oh and Michelle has no clue. But they’re with the D batteries.)
1:25 – Michelle has scissors to cut off tags, and she pulls a size label off a shirt. Thrift stores don’t use size labels like that! Again, what happened to “buy used and save the difference?”
1:40 – Jim Bob stiffly tells Michelle how he’s going to miss her. “Take care of the baby, don’t let her come out yet.” JB continues his rehearsed speech for the camera while Hanny gets antsy.
And at the very end, see how Michelle’s “Shhh” technique works on a noisy little boy.

And finally, I think my favorite of the bunch, Kids in Charge. This takes place during the episode that airs tonight, so maybe we’ll see what they ended up getting to decorate the bathroom, which must have looked so horrible that all they can show is a shower curtain rod with towels over it. I liked seeing Jim Bob trust Jana with the money for the project – too bad, as a woman, she’s not trusted to leave the house without a group of brothers with her. I liked seeing the kids at “school” (and hooray, it looks like they do get some non-Biblical education). Poor John-David, he’ll probably never get his plane. And Jana’s face at the very end looks exactly like Pam from The Office!

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