I have some complaints about the Facebook redesign.

I have some problems with the New New Facebook. (I actually liked the old New Facebook! I found the News Feed useful [though yes, a bit of an invasion of privacy].)

  • Two-column layout is hard to read – you have to read down one column, then go back to the top and read down the other.
  • Larger text means more scrolling, and somehow looks sloppier. It’s also inconsistent, since the text size was only increased in the News Feed on the home page and the Wall on profile pages. Text on the rest of the site is at the original small size.
  • Profile pictures have rounded corners. Looks strange, considering the squared-off look of the rest of the site. Sort of “feminizes” everyone.
  • Options to see “more of” or “less of” certain people and topics are gone. This was an excellent feature and in my opinion, one of the things that set Facebook apart as a truly customizable social networking site.
  • Every little thing that everyone does with every stupid application (even ones I haven’t installed/used) appears in the News Feed. If one friend sends a few Pieces of Flair, there goes the whole screen! I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for high school and college students who have lots of friends that are all very active users. I’m lucky that most of my friends are pretty low-volume users.
  • No more option for whether to publish a one-line, short, or full story to your wall/News Feed.
  • There is an advertisement sneakily inserted into the Highlights column. It’s the second “story” in the list, so you might not notice it like you would if it were right at the top.
  • Stories are added to your Highlights list based on popularity (e.g. links lots of your friends have clicked, photos lots of friends have commented on). So there’s probably lots of less-popular stuff you’ll never even see because it’ll never make it onto the Highlights list.

I’ll probably think of some more things – if so, I’ll add them to this list. Also, I sent this list of comments to Facebook and you can do the same.

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