Oh, so much stuff to write…

Where did I leave off yesterday..? After work, I went to see Ivan again. I saw our vet, and she said he was doing better and they would be re-testing him today rather than waiting until Saturday. She said the biggest problem was that he wasn’t eating. I told her he could be very stubborn about eating, and if he was nervous, he wasn’t going to eat. So while I was there, I got him to eat some of his dry food they had in the cage with him, by putting one piece at a time in front of him. Also, she gave him some wet food and he started gobbling that. So that was good news. Then I had to go finish printing stuff for our concert programs. Then I had to stop and buy fruits for this fruit tray (more on that below). Then GG and I went to one of our favorite Mexican places to celebrate Cuatro de Mayo. (I made up that holiday.) Then we must’ve done something else that I forget. And then I passed out.

GG and I had an extremely busy day today. Our first stop was my mom’s apartment, to drop off a fruit tray I’d made for our lunch after the funeral. On the way there, juice started dripping from no where and got all over my hands and on the seat of GG’s car. So I took it up to my mom’s apartment so I could wash my hands.

Next we went to the vet to visit Ivan. When we got there, the nurse told us not to go back, but to wait in one of the exam rooms, because the vet wanted to talk to us. We were so worried! I thought for sure she was going to tell us Ivan had taken a turn for the worst and might not make it and we should think about putting him to sleep..! GG was nervous too, while we waited for her to come in. The nurse must have seen our nervous faces as she walked by, because she stuck her head in and said, “Don’t worry, it’s good news.” Turns out Ivan was doing much better and they wanted to send him home today! The vet said that if he had something seriously wrong with his kidneys, he wouldn’t have just gotten better in two days, which he did. She said they wanted to keep him on the IV a little longer, until the afternoon, so we said we’d be back later to get him, and we were off.

The biggest event of the day (which also was the shortest) was the funeral. The deceased passed away last May 5, so today everyone got together to bury his ashes. It was really quick. The minister read some stuff, we all said the Lord’s Prayer. Then everyone stood there for a minute, and there was this weird moment where everyone probably thought, “Is that it?” And then we all made our way out and back to my mom’s apartment.

So at the apartment, we had some appetizers, and then sandwiches, and then desserts. And everyone mingled and bla bla. I finally got the chance to tell both my brother and my grandmother in person about our plans for June 6. It was nice to see everyone, but eventually the party started to break up, and GG and I had other places to go, so we left.

Our next stop was the second floor of the Montgomery County courthouse, where we got our marriage license! When we went in through the metal detector, the guard asked, “Marriage license?” And when we said yes, he took GG’s wallet out of the little bin and handed it to me! We got on the elevator with some maintenance guy, and asked him to hit the 2 button for us, and he asked, “Marriage license?” When we said yes, he said something about first having to go to domestic court, across the street. We finally got there, and it was apparently a big day for marriage licenses, because there were several couples there before us. The actual process took about five minutes, but something I didn’t know beforehand was that they ask for your birthplace and occupation, and the birthplace, occupation, and current residence of each of your parents. I guessed on some stuff (now that I’m thinking about it, I guessed wrong), and for most of my father’s information, we had to say “unknown.” But it’s not really critical to get your license, they just ask for this stuff for genealogy purposes. So now it’s like, officially official.

After swinging by our house to change and pick up the cat carrier, we went back to the vet to get Ivan! He was meowing when they carried him out (he never meows), and they gave me an antibiotic to give him (we’ll see how well that goes), and he’s got to eat special food for the rest of his life. Oh well. My cat I had growing up had to eat the same special food, and so did GG’s childhood cat. The whole thing only cost about half of what I was expecting (which was still a lot!!), but he’ll still have to go back in a couple months for a check up and, if all is going well, a teeth cleaning.

We were expecting a big, happy reunion between Ivan and Katrina when we got him home. She was really freaking out while he was gone. In fact, last night, she started pawing at me and meowing in a voice she doesn’t usually meow in. But when we got them together this afternoon, she was hissing at him, and hit him in the head! They’ve since sniffed each other, but they’re not snuggled up together or anything. Ivan is so happy to be home, though! He jumped up on the sofa with me and GG and just enjoyed some scratches and napping.

Tune in tomorrow, when I get the glasses I’m never supposed to wear! And GG and I go to Ed and Linda’s wedding shower!

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