Bad things happen in threes, so…

Last night I made spaghetti squash for dinner, and I was grating some fresh Parmesan to go on it. The cheese was really hard, and at one point my hand slipped and I grated my thumb knuckle. Owwwie. I cleaned it off and it didn’t really look that bad until a little later, when I saw that there’s definitely three grooves carved into me. (At least it was the small-hole side of the grater!)

Then I had to go to band practice. Four of us meet at one woman’s house and drive to practice together from there, taking turns driving each week. It was my week to drive. Well, I wasn’t sure I was going to make the 5-10 minute drive to her house, because my car was stuttering and puttering along, it felt like it wasn’t getting into gear, straining to get up hills, barely hitting 35 MPH. When I got out of the car, I smelled something burning, but I wasn’t sure if that was my car or something in the neighboorhood. (I opened the hood, but the smell didn’t seem to be coming from there.) So we switched driving weeks and she drove us to band. I called my service place to schedule an appointment to bring it in today. All through rehearsal I was worrying, “Am I going to be able to make it back home? Will I be able to get to the garage tomorrow?” Well, driving home it was totally fine. Driving to the garage today was totally fine. I got there and said, “You’re going to think I’m totally nuts, but…” and then explained the problem.

They were apparently working at it for a long time, because I dropped it off when they opened at 7:30 this morning and didn’t hear back from them until 3 PM, but apparently my plugs and wires need to be replaced because there’s a hole in something. They could replace just the one with the hole, but they come in sets of four anyway, and they’re all due to be replaced in another 20,000 miles, so I told them to go ahead. This is probably what was causing the problem, but they said also my air and fuel filters needed to be replaced. (I probably haven’t done this in the last couple years, and it’s really supposed to be done every 30K miles, whoops.) So my total bill for the day is probably going to be around $400. Eep. But I’ve got a ride from work to the service place with a nice co-worker, and the people at this place are so friendly and nice, and it’s stuff that would have had to be done eventually, so it’s okay.

So if bad things happen in threes, my knuckle and the car are one and two, and I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled. (Or was Ivan’s goop-eye number one, and now I’m finishing up two and three?)

I had some stuff for Linky Thursday today but it was pretty lame (I was trying to go for a theme, since today is my half-birthday), so I’ll save the best ones and use them for next week.

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  1. I hope your streak of bad luck ends with a winning lottery ticket or something!

    I don’t know which is more painful–grating your knuckle on a cheese grater or paying $400 to fix your car!

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