Ivan, Day Off, H&M, WFH

Last Tuesday GG noticed that Ivan was winking his left eye. Ohhh nooo, was he getting goop-eye again? He’d had this a couple times (together with upper-respiratory infection, the first time he probably picked it up when he spent a week at the vet, and once they have it they can get it again). We had two tubes of eye ointment from when both he and Katrina had had this before, and both had 2009 expiration dates. The vet had said last time that we could use this ointment again if it came back. So I started giving him his ointment from before twice a day. He was still winking and gooping. Sometimes he looked totally fine, and we’d think he was getting better, and then he’d start winking again. So yesterday I had the day off work and I was going to call the vet because the ointment obviously wasn’t working, and… he was totally fine. I haven’t given him any ointment since Monday now, and he’s still fine. So I don’t know what his deal is, but I’m glad he’s better.

My day off yesterday was very nice. I carried over a bunch of vacation days from 2008, and they have to be used up by the end of March, so I’ll have a couple more of these. I spent the morning doing some chores around the house (because I promised myself if I took the day off I’d put all my laundry away), and then met Jess for lunch. I haven’t seen her much since she was laid off, so it was nice to sit and talk for a couple hours. Then I went over to the mall, which is great to visit on quiet weekday afternoons, except the salespeople are desperate to talk to you! I hate being accosted when I go into a store. If you want to station someone near the door to say hi, that’s fine, but then stop following me around and asking what I’m looking for and making suggestions. If I have a question or need help, I’ll come find you. Anyway, it was a nice little trip. Then I came home and tried to take a nap but GG kept calling me! He came home and I finally did get a nap, so it was a little late when I finally woke up to make dinner.

Also, they’re remodeling H&M in the KoP mall! It’s much nicer now. It used to just be one big open area, with a few different “zones” (most of the regular clothes were in the front-left, arranged by color, then the office-y stuff was in the back-left, the “designer” clothes [like when Madonna designed some stuff for them] were in the back-center, lingerie and accessories were in the back-right, and the crazy trendy stuff was in the front-right). Now they’ve broken the space into some different rooms, which I really like. They seem to have mixed together all the styles of clothes, and now they’re just arranged by color in the rooms, which is really nice looking. I actually was getting excited about yellow and bright green for spring (and I don’t usually like either of those colors)!

It’s back to work tomorrow (today I work from home), but I think by then I’ll feel like being back in the office. It is nice working from home on Wednesdays, though, because it really breaks up the week. I don’t get burned out on going to work five days in a row. And it’s nice to not have to rush home to get dinner and get ready for band – very restful.

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