Modbe Service Review

There doesn’t seem to be much on the web in the way of actual reviews of Modbe’s products or service, so hopefully I’m doing the world a favor by posting about my experience with them. I already reviewed some of the clothing.

I have placed two orders with them. With both orders, I used codes to receive discounts for promotions they were running at the time, as well as consultants’ “party numbers” to receive a percentage discount off an order of three or more items. Both times, the discounts were not applied correctly and I had to contact Modbe’s customer service to have them adjust the total. (Luckily, this adjustment took place before the items were shipped and my credit card was charged.)

My second order was in late November, which I received in early December, and I ended up returning a couple things. (These shirts were very cute on the model, but looked totally wrong on me.) I sent the items back probably within a week or so of receiving my order, and got an e-mail from a Modbe employee on Dec. 30 saying that they’d received my return order and to allow 10-14 days to process my refund. No problem!

I pretty much forgot about it, until the beginning of February, when I got a “Your order has shipped!” e-mail, even though I hadn’t ordered anything. I thought maybe this really meant “Your refund has been processed!” so I checked my credit card account, but I still hadn’t gotten my money back! I e-mailed Modbe customer service (again! They must know me there by now), and they said on Feb. 13 that notification had been sent in error, but my refund had been processed and would be refunded to my card in the next week and a half.

I was just thinking today about how I hadn’t seen that refund yet, and I was about to e-mail Modbe again, but checked my credit card account first. I was just refunded on March 2! Almost four months after I returned the items!

Other notes on Modbe’s service, which I already mentioned in that previous review of the clothes: They take their sweet time shipping your stuff, and there’s no communication until you get an e-mail that your items have shipped, so if you haven’t ordered from them before, you don’t know what’s going on with your stuff. Also, in my first order I received another person’s entire order (and packing slip!) along with mine. If I weren’t such a nice person (and their stuff weren’t too small for me), they might never have received their order.

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