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For those who were asking (and can’t be bothered to Google – come on!), GOOT is a very stinky paste made of garlic, olive oil, and coconut oil (except I didn’t have any coconut oil so I didn’t use that ingredient) that you’re supposed to apply to whatever body part is giving you problems. For example, put it up your nose if you’re nose is stuffy, or on your throat if you have a sore throat, or in your ears if you have an earache. I wouldn’t stick it up my nose or in my ears, but I did put it on my feet, which is actually what you’re supposed to do when you use it on little kids, and then put socks over it. It’s supposed to be a way for the garlic to quickly get into your bloodstream and get to the part of your body that needs its healing properties. I’d need to do some more testing to determine if it really works for me, but I’ve read anecdotes of people experiencing near-instant relief from using it.

GG and I are pretty much better now, thanks for asking. We’re still coughing and sniffling a little, but we’re going out in public and stuff, so just about back to normal. However, between being sick, my regular work-from-home days, and yesterday’s snowpocalypse, I feel like I’ve hardly been in the office the past couple days. Today was the one day Heather and I were in the office together out of two weeks, what with WFH, snow, sick days, and vacations. Speaking of vacations, I have three vacation days I have to use up by the end of March. I end up doing this every year, and then I always promise myself I’ll spread out my vacation days more for the next year. Yeah, never happens.

Not much else going on at the moment. We’ve been having a pretty low-stress couple of weeks (except for shoveling yesterday!). Also if anyone has any more book suggestions for me, maybe of some less-popular books, I’d appreciate them. You all had tons of great recommendations a couple months ago when I asked, and I have a long list of books I want to read, but my library sucks and never has the books I want – some of them aren’t even in the county system! So if there’s just some random book you think I’d like let me know! Otherwise, I’m going to have to get my name on the waiting list for some of these…

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  1. OK, this is weird. I would never normally think of coconut oil, but two references to it in one day?

    Gerry was watching Gilligan’s Island and the Skipper got stuck in this little Japanese sub they were going to use to sail off the island to get help. Gilligan used coconut oil to free him.

    Then I pop over here to check on the ever witty musings and I read that you don’t have any coconut oil.


  2. OK, I was distracted by the coconut oil.

    I think that’s vampire repellent you’ve made.

    Works best on tropical vampires.

  3. I really liked “I Love You Like a Tomato”, we read it for my book club a few months ago. You are on good reads so I am sure you can find some good suggestions on there too! I also just read “Fortune’s Rocks” which was pretty good, slightly scandalous. Woo hoo.

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