Stuff at Work, Getting Healthier

I’ve been pretty busy at work the past couple days, but I never really fell behind even though I was out of the office the whole beginning of the week, so I guess I picked a good week to be sick. Today was our consultant Sarah’s last day with us, how sad! I really like her! I thought she’d be around for a couple more weeks, and since my boss is coming down next week, figured we could take her out to lunch or something. Oh well, maybe our paths will cross again, she was really great to work with, plus a super-nice person in general! But, when you lose one person, you gain another, or in our case, eleven more! We have all these new contractors in our group, I’ll be working more closely with some than others, but they’re all super-nice so far too. One of them I already knew because she used to work with Jess so I saw her a lot. And one is the brother of GG’s friend’s old roommate, and he used to work with Jen – small world!

By the way, I did mix myself up a small batch of GOOT the other day and put it on the soles of my feet. My nose did seem to improve almost immediately, but 1) it might’ve just been the pungent garlic, and 2) I also took some sinus medicine shortly beforehand. Also GG kept making Italian jokes for the rest of the day until I washed the crusty garlic paste off my feet at bedtime. I am feeling much better, though. I worked from home Tuesday and Wednesday, and then went to the office the past two days. I’ve also been catching up with housework I let slide, like changing the sheets, putting away clothes, taking out trash… I hate being sick. GG and I are both still coughing, but it’s getting better.

PS: To the person from Cherry Hill who’s been somehow searching my password-protected entries with Microsoft Live Search and the search term “password,” did that work for you? Just curious what the heck you’re trying to do.

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  1. No, they wouldn’t be able to see your protected entries without the right password. Nor does Google get to see them. All Google will see is “This entry is password protected” or similar, which is why searching for ‘password’ gives a hit.

  2. I didn’t think they’d be able to see anything, but based on what I can see from my web stats I can’t tell what exactly is going on – it’s very suspicious looking (especially considering they’re spending several minutes on the page, and why would you spend that time if you can’t read the post?).

  3. I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. Also, I got the facewash and candies in the mail the other day–thanks so much!

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