I don’t think it’s the bird flu, though I *did* find some feathers in my bed last night…

I feel like garbage again today. We slept in seperate rooms last night, and GG seemed to have sweated through his fever and yuckiness overnight – this morning he was almost back to his old self, and he did go to work. I’m working from home today, and then again tomorrow, which is my regular WFH day anyway. So hopefully by Thursday I’ll feel like leaving the house again.

Weird that GG and I had all the same symptoms, except he had a fever and I didn’t. He was so sweaty last night, too. I went to say good night to him, and the backs of his hands were soaking wet.

Katrina slept with/on me all night. She is such a sweet girl. Right now she is sitting on the bed next to me, all curled up. A little while ago she was rolling around and chirping at me. I love my little kittygirl.

PS: Jocelyn, I did look up GOOT (actually, your mom’s site is one of the top results), but I don’t have any coconut oil at the moment and don’t think I’ll be picking any up anytime soon. So I’ll have to make up a batch for the next time we’re sick.

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  1. You can use the olive oil in lieu of the coconut oil if you have to. It would be better than not using the GOOT at all.
    I made it without the coconut oil, and I used just a tad less olive oil than I would have coconut oil. The benefits of using virgin coconut oil topically are many, but the antibiotic properties of the garlic in olive oil are so great that it is worth using.

    You will want to use virgin coconut oil in it when you can though. There are many benefits to using it topically, such as lowering fever, strengthening your immune system, as well as it being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. I will be adding the info to my page, but here are some more topical benefits: http://www.thevirgincoconutoil.com/articleitem.php?articleid=184
    I also found this page, which has many benefits and great comment interaction with people who have used the VCO for many ailments: http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-oils/organic-coconut-oil/health-benefits-of-coconut-oil.html

    I am in the process of making a page with home remedies on it as well as links such as these.
    I hope you get to feeling better soon. Peace and health to you.

  2. I tried to comment yesterday but I got an error message. Hopefully this will work! About the cake thing, they didn’t even have a display cake. It was a total letdown! I’ve been poking around at different local publications about freelancing, but I’m not having much luck. I think pubs have really scaled back their spending. Yeah, if you could send me that info, that would be great. Thanks!

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