Linky Thursday – 3/5

Just a couple this week, sorry.

Visualizing the Growth of Target: Apparently there were no Targets in Pennsylvania until the late ’90s, which I guess means I’ve been shopping there as long as they’ve been in the area. And here I thought I had been missing out on this great store when I discovered the Target in Exton.

The Quest for G: If you know me you know that I don’t really get offended by things, but as a Monty Python fan this commercial is offensive to me! (Though I did like these comments made on another version of this video: “what about the knights who say ‘G’? and ur supposed to use the holy hand gatorade to kill game 7. lol crappy jokes i know”)

One comment on “Linky Thursday – 3/5

  1. That’s so cool about PAWS cats being on On Demand. I had no idea! I did notice recently that there’s another cat named Waffles in the PAWS system. And here I thought I was being original! The wackadoodleydoo is not my problem anymore, thank God. Sometimes these people are completely exhausting. The good news is I found adopters for Pancakes and Waffles tonight! They’re picking her up on Sunday.

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