Busy Weekend and Now We’re Sick

We were planning to have some people over on Saturday night for pizza and movies, so Friday I was rushing around, getting things ready, and we were about to go to the store to pick up sodas and stuff when people started calling and texting: “We’re on our way,” and “Anything you’d like us to bring?” Whoops… I’d accidentally sent the appointment on Facebook for Friday, not Saturday! So… we had people over on Friday night! It actually worked out perfectly, GG went to get sodas while I straightened things up and cleaned a bit. Only two couples actually ended up coming (out of about 30 people invited – not bad!). We ordered pizzas and a caesar salad from the pizza place down the street. I was going to make a salad, but since I didn’t have time… So when I called to place the order, I asked, “How big is the caesar salad, could it feed a couple of people?” and the guy was like, “I’ll make you a big salad.” Which was totally cool – for about $2 more than the regular salad, we got one in one of those big silver catering trays! So everyone ate, we watched our movie, talked a lot, and now both sets of friends who came over are friends on Facebook!

I spent Saturday running errands and cleaning up around the house, and that afternoon GG wandered into the room and said he ached and had chills. Uh oh… We still went out for dinner and walked around the mall a bit. When we got home, I took his temperature and he had a fever, so he went to bed early while I waited for the laundry.

Sunday I got up early and went out food shopping, while GG stayed home and watched movies. Eventually he went back to bed, so I know he was sick because otherwise he probably would’ve been playing on the computer. To stay away from him, I sat downstairs with my laptop all afternoon. Eventually I realized… I was achy and cold. And I’d been coughing all day. Oh no! So actually it seems like I have the same thing he does, except I don’t have a fever at all – if anything, I’m actually colder than normal! So I just rested on Sunday, and then I did get up and make us dinner – a customized version of this soup (the recipes might be the one thing I’ll miss about Domino magazine). I left out the beans, and added really thinly sliced mushrooms. It was really good and just what we both felt like eating. I fell asleep on the sofa but GG woke me up to watch the Oscars, at which point he fell asleep. So I watched up until Heath Ledger’s family gave their speech, and then we went to bed.

I really shouldn’t be at work today, I feel awful. And I’m coughing and sniffling, it’s awful. But I figured if I got up and moved around, maybe I’d feel better. Um, no. Maybe a cup of tea will help. So, sorry if this post sucked or made no sense.

[Edit – 9:57 AM] GG’s boss sent him home after he’d been at work for an hour because he looked like he’d been shot with a rhino tranquilizer. I might follow suit. [/Edit]

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