Linky Thursday – 2/19

Cash 4 Gold would like to melt down and recast their reputation: Not only will they offer one third the value of your gold, they’re also trying to keep negative reviews of their service from showing up in Google searches (by any means necessary..?). What a shame, they had such a funny Superbowl commercial.

Drug Interactions Checker: Type in the names of everything you’re taking, and this site will let you know if there’s any interactions between the drugs or with foods. Surprisingly, the two drugs my doctor specifically prescribed together for me can negatively interact with each other! (Found via Colleen)

So You Think You Can Potty Dance (Extended Version): This is a commercial for Pull-Ups and it totally amuses me. (Actually, the commercial is about a quarter of the length of this video, but still very funny.) I sort of disagree with teaching kids to grab their crotches and wiggle around, rather than saying, “I have to use the potty,” but it makes for a good ad campaign I guess.

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