Museum of the American Revolution

We went to the Museum of the American Revolution to celebrate MB and R’s April birthdays … because we are all nerds! I loved it, it’s a very well designed museum. There’s a really good flow from one exhibit to the next, and it truly uses all senses – there are things to see, hear, touch, and even smell! (Ok, nothing to taste… yet.)

Even us history buffs picked up some new information there. Because I forgot to answer it for myself in the video, a fact that I picked up was that George Washington had a big butt and was self conscious about it!

Afterward, we got lunch across the street at The Little Lion, which I’d chosen because it came up in a search for “kid friendly” restaurants. What they meant was that it’s loud, so nobody will notice your noisy child. It really fit the “revolutionary” theme in kind of a hipster way, though – and they have cheese plates!

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