Evereve Trendsend 2

As a little reward to myself for recently dropping a few pounds, I decided to try another Evereve Trendsend box. I’d only done it once before, but was very pleased with their thoughtfulness and service. The pieces are a little pricey, but it’s nice to treat yourself (and I wear those 7 For All Mankind pants all the time!). For this box, I mentioned a couple work events and a trip coming up, and also said I was ready to wear a little bit more fitted pieces instead of the loose tunic type things I’ve been wearing lately. In response, Heidi R sent me three outfits, which may or may not have met my requests…

Outfit One: This combination was very strange; individually I liked both pieces, but I don’t think I would have ever paired this kind of preppy looking, light shift dress with this brown, slightly western-ish, heavy-ish moto jacket…

Allison Joy Tie Neck Shift Dress – $29.99
I liked this dress, but it had a few strikes against it: 1) as a shift dress with no stretch and no waist definition, it had the “tent” effect (i.e. it comes out as far as the farthest point of my chest, and then falls straight down, making me look larger than I am); 2) I’m not really into tie necks, I never know how to tie them and generally think they look goofy (at least on me); 3) not fully sold on the orange and pink parts of the design. Maybe if I had some kind of summertime dress wearing event on the horizon I would have kept it, but with those strikes against it, I took it off the maybe pile and onto the return pile. (To be fair, I thought it was $55 according to the tag, which may have influenced my opinion as well. According to the web site, it was marked down from $68.) [Edit: 4/2] After rethinking this one and considering the price, I’ve decided to keep! [/Edit]

BB Dakota Allerton Suede Jacket – $89.99
When I peeked at my box before receiving it, I saw this very cool brown suede jacket. However, I have cut all brown and tan out of my life, and only wear black and gray. It just makes things so much easier. So had this jacket been black or gray I would have absolutely kept it because it fits nicely, it’s so comfy and soft, and I love the asymmetrical zipper. Return. (Marked down from $108.)

Outfit Two: If I thought the previous outfit was strange, this one knocked it out of the park. The leggings and jacket were very heavy and structured to wear with the light and gauzy dress.

Lysse Mara Legging – $39.99
I was excited to see these were coming, because I think they are an Evereve fan favorite! They’re a really thick ponte knit, with decorative seams down the front and back of each leg. I already have a pair of ponte leggings I like, but I think these are a little nicer (and cheaper!). Keeping! (Marked down from $78.)

Beloved Classic Cami – $28
Heidi sent me this plain black cami to layer under the dress, which has an open back. However, as if I didn’t already have enough plain black camis, I wear Ruby Ribbon camis pretty much exclusively now. Although the fabric is nice and it’s seamless, it’s a really expensive plain black cami… Return.

BB Dakota Nicholson Faux Suede Jacket – $79.99
I had mixed feelings when I saw this was coming – I liked that it was black, and I was excited for another suede jacket option (since I knew I wouldn’t be keeping the brown one), but I wasn’t sure about the kind of unstructured, flyaway design. When I put it on, I was even more confused, because the inside sides of the sleeves are not suede but a knit. However, it grew on me. After revisiting a couple times, I decided to keep. (Marked down from $98.)

Free People Beaux Slip – $39.99
No no no. I pretty much hate everything about this. The neck comes up so high on my throat. The back is wide open (hence the need for the cami underneath). I do not like the flowy, hippie-ish style. And it just did not work with the heavy jacket and structured pants. Just for fun, I tried the outfit with my own shirt, and I liked it much better! (It’s what convinced me to keep the other two pieces.) But this was a return. (Marked down from $88.)

Outfit Three: Heidi recommended pairing the two pieces in this outfit with the black suede jacket above, as well as wearing the top with white denim, which I’m sure would look beautiful in the summer but which I would surely destroy!

Allison Joy Maribel Lace Up Tank – $48
I was worried when I saw this coming because I’m not really into this new strappy/tie neck thing I’m seeing more and more on tops. But, as Heidi said in her message, it does include all my favorite blue and turquoise colors! And GG got more of a ren faire vibe from the lace up neck. It fits really nicely, the fabric has a nice stretch to it, and I need more patterned pieces in my life, so I decided to keep it, despite the high price.

Sanctuary Essential City Peg Ankle Pant – $89.99
Jeez, how many pairs of black pants do I need?! ;) Well, I asked for a straight leg pant, I can always use these for work. They’re skinny, but don’t look like skintight leggings. They have a little black leather trim on the front pockets, which is a nice touch. The price was high, but comparable to what they seem to sell for on other sites, and they have great reviews around the internet. Keeping! (Marked down from $99.)

So there we have it: four five hits, four three misses. To complete your order, you check out online and indicate which pieces you’re keeping, and you’ll be charged at that time. Anything you’re not keeping goes into a pre-paid bag to be shipped back to Evereve. There isn’t a styling fee or any other charge, you just pay for the pieces you keep. There’s no incentive or discount for keeping everything they send, so you don’t feel obligated to keep something you don’t like just for a discount on the rest. I did notice they seem to be scaling back just a little bit on the materials they send – last time the letter from my stylist came on letterhead printed with a color logo, and this time it was just a black and white photocopy. Also, the prepaid shipping bag came with a second copy of the packing slip in it, as is requested for returns; this time, there was only one packing slip so I’ll have to send my copy back with my returns. Just little things, but I noticed. All the clothing was still wrapped with tissue paper and a sticker around each outfit, and overall the experience was quick, personal, and fun!

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