Cats and Clothes

I think our cat boy is sick. On Saturday night I was sitting upstairs and he came walking into the room, meowed one sad little meow, and headed down the hallway. I followed him, he meowed again, and went downstairs. Then he meowed one more time and threw up in the dining room. After that, I sat downstairs so I could watch him, and he did that a couple more times – sad little mews, then throwing up. After the first couple times, it was just bile or saliva or something, not even food. He did drink a little water, but he was super-snuggly and floppy and just listless after that. He didn’t eat much on Sunday, and again just kind of sat around and acted floppy. He’s usually so alert and scared of everything, and now he just looks like he’s half asleep. So I called the vet, and we’re taking him in tomorrow afternoon. Actually, we’re taking both cats, since they’re both due for a check-up and shots, and I’d rather get everything done in one trip. Poor boy. Katrina’s being such a good sister, though. She’s been licking his head, and sleeping next to him, and generally keeping an eye on him.

I finally went shopping yesterday for outfits to wear to the weddings I’m going to this summer. My ensemble for MB and Alan’s wedding is totally done, and it’s going to be cute! For Ed and Linda’s wedding, I still need shoes, but otherwise, that’s done too. (Actually, I kind of want to wear that outfit for when GG and I do our thing, which is only three days later. I just might.) I spent two and a half hours going to every store in the Plaza that sells women’s clothing. I didn’t even look at price tags or anything, just tried stuff on, hoping to find something that fit and looked nice. Then I went over to the Court, and bought everything at my first stop, H&M (hooray for $19.90 everything). I think that is my new favorite store. If you can get past the weird way it’s organized (but I guess that’s a sort of boutique-y way to do it). Anyway, yay, clothes.

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