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I’m sure everyone is really curious as to what I ended up getting or not getting from the list I posted a couple weeks ago. Well, the Sigerson Morrison shoes are all pretty much sold out at Target, but I did get the fake Uggs boots, and today my package from Modbe arrived! Yes, I gave the Mormons my money. Here’s my review.

First of all, it took forever to get my stuff! I didn’t hear anything for nearly a week after I placed my order, then I was finally notified that it had shipped, and it took nearly a week to receive the shipment via FedEx. When my package finally arrived, I started unpacking and thought, “That is a lot of clothes… and I didn’t order any jeans!” I discovered that another person’s order was in the same box as mine, with their packing slip and everything! So I sorted out mine from hers, and called Modbe customer service. They said they’d e-mail me a shipping label so I can send the stuff back to them. (And gosh, if this other girl hadn’t been a size smaller than me, there could’ve been a real problem..!)

So how are the clothes? Some are really nice, some seem kind of cheap. In general, their basic pieces seem like they’re good quality and fit nicely. The trendier pieces, not so much. And I understand that they’re trying to cover up the tummy, but all the shirts are so long! Like, I could just about wear them as dresses. Here’s what I got, and my thoughts on each:

  • Printed Tee: I see now that the model in the photo is wearing this over another shirt. Good idea, because the material is very thin, which makes it feel like not such good quality. I do like that the sleeves are a little longer, but still fitted.
  • Second Skin Cap Sleeve: Very nice little shirts, they fit great and would be perfect to layer under things, wear with a sweater, etc. While I’m not afraid of showing a little cleavage, it’s nice that the scoop necks are cut just a little higher. They feel like really nice quality, well-made, with good stretch, which is so important! I actually got one pink and one black, and I’d be happy to go back for more, though the available colors are pretty limited at the moment – maybe they’ll expand their offerings in the future. I’d love a blue or a brown, for instance. Based on the quality of the cap sleeve tees, I’d also be likely to check out their tanks or long-sleeve shirts. (I didn’t take a picture of this specifically, but I’m wearing the pink one in the following two photos.)
  • Wrap Sweater: In my earlier post, I had a picture of the brown one, but I ended up getting black. Not so happy with it. The knit fabric is very thin, and it has seams in weird places – across the shoulders, and down the back. (Side question: They only show it worn with a short-sleeved shirt, do you think it would look weird to have long sleeves sticking out from underneath?)
  • Re-Zip Hoodie: Love it! Yet another piece I wish were offered in more colors. Again, feels well-made, with nice quality material and a heavy-duty double zipper so you can unzip from the top down and the bottom up. (Being able to unzip from the bottom up is a good thing, because it’s so long, I needed a little extra hip room!) Another really nice feature is the little thumb holes in the sleeves.

And since I happened to receive that extra order in my box, I was also able to take a look at the long-sleeve tee and a pair of the Jane jeans. Don’t worry, I didn’t take them out of their packages. But the long sleeve shirt seems to be of the same quality as the cap sleeve, which is promising, and the jeans seem to be made of nice quality material as well, but I’m always wary of buying jeans without trying them on first, plus these cost like twice what my regular jeans do, and I’m not digging the back pocket embroidery so much. (And OMG, her order was placed a week and a half before mine, she must really be wondering where her things are!)

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