I blame all my headaches on work

GG ended up not getting that car on Tuesday. But… he may be picking it up tonight! (Turns out he had to do a lot more than he’d thought he would to get loans and stuff. He actually ended up taking a home equity loan.)

Nothing else new, really. Yesterday was a pretty crazy day at work. There are two days each month when I have to do all this data entry of training records (a job that I will hopefully be transitioning to someone else soon), and since new training was issued since the last time I’d done it, there were way more records than usual. So normally this job takes me a morning to do, but yesterday it took all day, plus I kept getting interrupted with stuff to work on for the new department website we’re going to launch soon! …It was just a frustrating day.

By the way, it has been so nice having this MP3 player at work! For the past couple days I’ve had it randomly playing all the songs that are on it, and I got to hear a lot of stuff I haven’t listened to in years.

And speaking of music, let me just say, after band practice last night, the 1812 Overature… ugh. I’m sure this will be a great concert in May, but I’m still not feeling that one.

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