Thanks, Tech Support?, and TOCTWD

First of all, thanks for the congratulations everyone! We’re excited… even though I think GG is trying not to be. He wants to keep everything as simple and low-key as possible, with as little change in our lives as possible. My mom called to ask about taking us out to lunch or dinner afterwards, and he started freaking out because it was becoming a big event. So I haven’t really even told a lot of people. (Well except I’ve told the entire internet. Whoops.)

Secondly… I can’t post to my blog from work anymore?!?!?! Or even view my website! I would guess that my company’s blocking it, like they eventually do with all my favorite websites, but usually when a site is blocked I get a message with the company logo and the reason why they’re filtering it (like “Humor/Profanity” or “Entertainment/Streaming Media”), but when I try to get to my site I get an MSN search with no results..? I can get to it from home (obviously), so I know it’s not a problem with my server or anything… weird.

Today was an exciting day at work because we finally launched the massive website I’ve been working on for months! Tomorrow is take your kids to work day or whatever, and Jess and Heather and I are giving a workshop on making websites at our company. It’s really my workshop, but I’ve enlisted them as kid wranglers. We’re actually doing the workshop twice, 11-11:45 and 12-12:45. In return, they gave us a bag of goodies (pens, magnets, flashlight, etc. with our company logo or our products on them) and we get free lunch tomorrow. Should be interesting. I’ll give my report tomorrow I guess. I’m pretty sure this whole event will just reinforce my decision not to have kids.

[Edit – 7:21 AM, 4/27] Oh happy day, I can get to this site from work again! Maybe they sensed that I was complaining. [/Edit]

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