GG and I are getting married.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006.

We bought the rings tonight. (His. Mine.)

I told my mom on Saturday. She’s going to be one of our witnesses on the certificate. GG will get one of his parents to be the other. Now I just have to call the courthouse and find out a) if this “self-uniting” license really exists, and b) if not, how I go about getting a judge to marry us that day.

I truly can’t believe that nobody has a comment about this?!

4 comments on “IT IS FOR REAL

  1. OK obviously I have been busy at work and I did email you about my special project…but I hadn’t checked your site yet. AND NOW I JUST DID. Congrats! that is so awesome and totally the way I would do it. You are a bona-fide rockstar now. Do you know that is how Chrissie Hynde got married? She just got her man, went to the courthouse and tied the knot all in one day…

  2. One more thing…I like the rings. Very unique as far as wedding rings go; and ten times cooler than wedding rings as far as wedding rings go.

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