Edamame, Whim Dishes, Silk Dress Girl

I found out yesterday that Trader Joe’s is no longer getting any products from China – good for them! But, their frozen edamame comes from China, which has led to a massive edamame shortage in their store and consequently, in my freezer. Please, TJ’s, find a new vendor!

I went to Target last night and ended up getting a whole bunch of Whim stuff. If you like any of it, I suggest you get going, because that section is pretty much decimated and I think it’s done sometime in early June. I really wanted to get that tray, but of course I didn’t move fast enough and now it’s gone. I did get some serving pieces and plates and bowls in that pattern, though. I just need to go back today and pick up two more small plates because I thought I’d gotten eight of everything, but somehow I only had six of those. Hope they still have some! (And of course they sell them in sets of eight online, plus they have full sets of the tableware and the tray. I should’ve just waited and ordered everything from the web site. I already took the stickers off everything I bought so I doubt I can return it. Grr.)

Also, I forgot to mention this amusing anecdote from Brandon and Brea’s wedding: there was a girl there wearing this backless silk dress, and GG was totally obsessed with her for some reason, even though Lina and I kept saying she looked like she was in high school. GG said that no woman wearing a dress like that could be in high school. All day he was trying to convince us that she must be over 18. Finally, towards the end of the night, Brandon came to hang out with us a little bit. We asked him who that girl was, and he said she was a family member of one of the bridesmaids – and she was 15. Hahaha!

[Edit – 12:06 PM] I called Target, and the official word is that even though I removed the tags, I can still return the dishes with the receipt, they’ll just need to get another of the same product from in the store so they can scan it. So my plan is: I’m going to stop at Target on my way home and see if I can get two more lemon plates. If I can’t, I have my Target.com shopping cart all loaded up, and I will order everything I want (including the tray!), and then I will return what I bought last night. But if they have two more plates, I’ll just get them and be satisfied. [/Edit]

[Edit – 4:33 PM] Good news! The Target on my way home from work had the little lemon plates, so I just picked up two more. …And a serving platter. …And some tumblers. …And an unrelated tray and hairbrush. (Sigh.) [/Edit]

2 comments on “Edamame, Whim Dishes, Silk Dress Girl

  1. Boo about the edamame. =|

    All that stuff from from Target is super cute.

    The story about the 15-year-old-girl is funny. It reminds me of the first time Kevin met Tim, my stepbroter’s, (now ex) girlfriend. We were getting ready to leave to head home then Tim drove into the driveway. Kevin was like, “Wow! She’s hot!” and I said, “She’s 15.” Then he was like, “I’m a dirty old man. =( “

  2. I got a Whim tote thing to put beer in. I love their picnic type stuff but unfortunately, last year I stocked up on tons of it and don’t have room for any more and can’t part with what I already have :(

    And BTW your Target seems much more lenient on returns than mine. I swear you have to hand over a kidney just to do an exchange.

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