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Last Monday, we were scheduled to have our new carpet installed. This was a very exciting day, because the carpet that came with our house was a gross color, very worn, and still smelled of cigarettes on hot days (even though we shampooed it twice before moving in, and I vacuum all the time). So the guys did come on time, and they installed most of our nice, thick, Sombrero Brown, Stainmaster carpet. When they tore up our old carpet, I learned, as we had suspected, that we have pretty nice hardwood floors underneath! Of course, we are not hardwood people, but it’s nice to know that we can confidently tell people considering purchasing our home that there are nice hardwood floors, they could just use some refinishing.

Worn out carpet on stairs

Hardwood floor in dining room

Because nothing is ever simple or straightforward at our house, they weren’t able to carpet the steps on Monday. We had asked for a technique called “tuck and tack” or “turn and tuck” or “turn and tack” or something, which was the way the open (railing) edge of our carpet had been finished previously. Basically, they turn the edge of the carpet under itself and staple it in place. But because our new carpet is so wonderfully thick, you can’t really turn and tack it or whatever. It makes this crazy looking lump over half the step. So the alternate solution is to just bind the edge that will be visable, and I won’t bore you with all the phone calls and negotiations it took to get that done at a discount (since we weren’t informed ahead of time that this would be or could be an issue). So they left us on Monday with just padding on the steps and a promise to come back Thursday to finish the job.

Somehow with the promise of stromboli from the pizza place down the street I enticed my uncle and cousin to come up on Monday night and move all our furniture back into the living room and dining room! (GG and his brother moved it all out on Sunday night, but on Monday GG was at his last business class and his brother was in New York on business.)

Living Room with new carpet

You can see all our carpet-related pictures, including before and after pictures, pictures of the really worn spots of the old carpet, pictures of the steps with just padding on them, and pictures of all our furniture crammed into the kitchen and laundry room – here.

On Friday we threw Jess the surprise wedding shower we’d been planning for a month! It was great! She was totally surprised and seriously thought she was coming to a meeting, so that was great, because I was sure she was on to us. We did a tropical theme, since they’re going to Aruba for their honeymoon, so we had lots of tropical desserts and fruits and punch and stuff. We had leis for everyone to wear, and a big palm tree centerpiece, and fancy tablecloths and decorations, and even cocktail umbrellas for the drinks! Her main gift was cash that we’d collected, but we also gave her a beach bag with a towel and sarong and crazy high SPF sunscreen. And we played tropical music in the background. It was very cute and I think everyone had a good time – it was a nice way to spend a Friday afternoon. You can see all the pictures from the shower (and, eventually, any I take at her wedding, too) here.

Jess with presents

The main cake (actually 35 cupcakes!)

Saturday was Brandon and Brea’s wedding that GG and I somehow both got invited to. I think what happened was, Lina was invited, and since Steve just got back from Iraq and is currently in Oklahoma, he obviously wasn’t going with her. So she asked me to be her date. When Brandon and Brea saw that I was coming, they must have told Lina to tell me that GG could come, too (Brandon is a big GG fan). So the three of us went together. The ceremony was a long-ish Catholic one with sitting and standing and singing and praying. (No communion, luckily.) It was beautiful, though. Then we went to this hotel in Lancaster for the reception, which was very nice – great food! Their favors were little heart-shaped cookie cutters with a tag that said “Cut out for each other,” which I thought was a cute idea. The reception probably ended at 9PM, but Lina and GG and I got out of there a little before that. Just in time, too, because after threatening all day, it finally started raining when we were on our way home. It was a really nice wedding and Brea was beautiful and I’m sure they were having a good time, but I am still so glad I did not have a wedding!

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  1. I didn’t take any, but they had this sign-up to have the photographer e-mail you pictures when they were ready, so hopefully I’ll be able to snag some soon :o)

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