“Kiss my big black Aztek”

GG and I ended up having a pretty nice long weekend, although it got a little hectic towards the end. On Sunday night we went to a birthday party for the singer in his band. It was in a banquet hall kind of room with a bar that was in the basement of an Elks lodge, and it was freezing! They had a kind of blues cover band play, which was pretty cool. We left there around 8:30 and went home for our usual Sunday TV shows: Family Guy, American Dad, and Intervention. We also watched something on TLC about steroids, called “The Man Whose Arms Exploded.” I love the sensationalist titles TLC comes up with for its shows, like “The Girl Without a Face,” or “Face-Eating Tumor.” Awesome.

We’d been talking about doing something on Monday like going to New Hope, since we both had the day off, but it was cold and we’re lazy, so we didn’t really do anything. I convinced GG to do some errands with me, including buying supplies to make baby blankets. When we got home, I whipped up two blankets, which are now for sale in my etsy shop. As you may know, I hate children and their associated accessories, but since my scarves aren’t really selling (even though they are awesome), D suggested that I make baby blankets. To make them a little different, I added hugging arms to them. You have to see, they are very cute. Depending on how they do, I might make others with ears or tails.

This may be the end of an era. GG went to the Pontiac dealer last night when he realized the warranty on his car was going to be up in less than 100 miles. He’d been trying to work out a deal to trade in his car anyway, and I think last night he was finally convinced to get a new car, rather than throw another $2,000 into his current one for the warranty. So… last night may have been my last time riding in the “big black Aztek.” They had a silver 2005 Vibe there that would be perfect for GG, and much better on gas, too. We shall see what he drives home tonight…

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