Just some guys…

I don’t know why, but I’ve developed these weird random obsessions over some guys recently. Like, since Friday night.

Reece Shearsmith:

Reece Shearsmith as Ross (of Royston Vasey):

A younger (and, um, alive) Bill Hicks:

Of course my super cute snuggle wuggle bunny boy :o)

And, for some unexplained reason, Stephen Asprinio from “Top Chef.” No idea why – he’s totally full of himself, plus I don’t usually go for blondes.

GG got our reservations for Friday! We’re staying in the “Ocean Room” of a bed & breakfast in New Hope. We’ll both be off Friday, and check-in isn’t until 2 or 3 PM, so I figure we can sleep in and take our time getting there. We’ll come home on Saturday (just in time to catch Scary Movie 4). And Sunday of course is Easter dinner at GG’s parents’ house. This weekend is going to be so nice!

2 comments on “Just some guys…

  1. YOU DID NOT SAY STEPHEN! Please take that back…take it back! I can’t stand that dude. I nkow you admit he is full of himself and blonde (and you don’t usually go for blondes) but he is just an ass. I hate how condescending he is to the others. I hope Harold wins.
    (can you tell I am obsessed with the show?!?)

  2. I really really really tried not to get into Top Chef, and I think I’ve been pretty successful… in that I don’t rush home from band practice to catch the new episode, since I know it’ll repeat all weekend. But I have been watching it a little. Yeah, Harold’s pretty awesome. Stephen’s attitude and general personality of course don’t do a thing for me. And usually I don’t even think he’s at all good looking, like in the picture above, he looks like such a grumpface. Just sometimes I like his nose. I don’t know.

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