It’s been a long week

I’m not doing Stuff Portrait Friday this week. I was so tired out yesterday, after three loooong days of class. And then GG wanted to go out to dinner and go to Teavana and stop by Sam Goody (they’re going out of business and everything is cheap). Then when we got home he wanted to watch Bowling for Columbine, which I hadn’t seen yet. I fell asleep around the point when they started talking about the L.A. riots, so I’ll have to catch the end later.

GG is off work next Friday for Good Friday or whatever, so I took a vacation day too, and hopefully we’ll be able to go away somewhere nice together! (A bed and breakfast in New Hope, perhaps?)

One comment on “It’s been a long week

  1. Sam Goody sale…thank God it is in your neck of the woods and not around here. Otherwise, I know where Sean’s income tax return would go!

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