Comedians of Comedy

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Hey, I’m finally writing about the Comedians of Comedy!

It was at the TLA on South Street, so we drove into the city early and had dinner at Jim’s Steaks. There was a lot of steak in those sandwiches, they don’t skimp! Also, though the lines are long, they shuttle people through there pretty quickly. So after ordering downstairs, we went upstairs to eat. Then we wandered around some of the shops (Condom Kingdom, that poster store…) and got coffee before getting in line at the TLA.

We got there about an hour before the show was supposed to start, because GG was very concerned about getting as close to the stage as possible. Well, no worries, because even though we were by no means the first people in, apparently everyone else heads straight upstairs to the bar, and there were only a few people standing down near the stage. We actually were positioned right in front of the stage, like, leaning on the stage. Before the show started, we ended up talking to a couple of other guys standing near us. Some guys GG knew/used to work with were coming, and he’d called earlier to see where they were and stuff, and when he saw them come in he went over to talk. But he was very disappointed because apparently they’re just not interested in him, they never answer his phone calls, etc. I said, you know, maybe they just don’t want to be your friends anymore. But the irony of the situation is that there was a crowd of guys that we were talking to before the show who were actually interested in GG – I think he just needs to find the right venue to make friends.

So the show started, and the first thing was that Patton Oswalt came out to warm up the crowd. He asked if there were any comedians in the audience who’d like to come on stage (and of course GG raised his hand!), and then he pulled up this guy wearing a Phillies shirt, Eagles cap, and carrying a Wawa bag full of Tastykakes. Then the two of them had this really staged conversation where the “audience member” basically made Philadelphians look awful. (It had funny moments, but it’s scripted-ness overshadowed that.)

Next up was Maria Bamford. I’d seen her on TV before, but her live material is much crazier! Of course she did all the voices and all that. I think GG was especially impressed with her live performance vs TV – even though he keeps forgetting her name..!

Eugene Mirman was next, and though I’d heard of him, I’d never seen him before. He didn’t disappoint, though! GG says that Eugene took whatever the audience said and turned it into weapons to use against them – I think that’s a pretty accurate description.

Brian Posehn is another comedian who I know of, but haven’t actually seen perform too much. He was also really funny, though a lot of his jokes seemed to be about his frightening appearance. (I’d seen him on TV before, but I have to admit, he is a lot creepier looking in person.) At one point he asked the audience how the strip clubs in Philadelphia were (I think he called them “stripping clubs”), and GG kind of held his hands up like, “Ehhh.” So Brian asked him to elaborate, and GG called out, “They don’t let you touch anything!” GG’s justification for this is that he assumed that Posehn is a nationwide strip club connoisseur, so he would be familiar with what you can and can’t legally do in different states, and might be disappointed to learn about the no-touching rule here. Instead, he said to GG, “You’re upset that you can’t touch them? That’s pretty rapey!” He later discribed guns as “bullety.”

Finally, Patton came back to do his actual set. As is often the case with the final comedian of the night, he didn’t really tell a ton of jokes, he mostly just riffed with the audience. And of course, being up front, we were picked on! (Surprisingly, I didn’t mind it so much in this venue.) I think it was when he asked who had a bad job and GG emphatically raised his hand or waved or something, so Patton asked what he did and GG did a horrible job of explaining it. Then he said what he’d really like to be is a comedian. Patton asked if GG had any jokes related to his job, and I don’t know why, maybe he misunderstood the question, but GG was like, “Well, the grout bags are made of paper, and they rupture, and then I have to clean it up!” So… that didn’t look too good for him, in terms of comedy. Then Patton turned his attention to me and asked if we were dating or what, and of course we mention the whole 666 wedding date, and he said all this stuff about how, isn’t that romantic, and that wasn’t a novelty wedding at all (it really wasn’t, besides the date!), and what must our reception have been like? And I said we didn’t have a reception, we just went out to lunch afterwards, and he was like, “Oh, eating pizza at Sbarro while [some cheesy wedding song] plays…” It was really good..!

The next day, I saw I’d gotten a nice MySpace message from my imaginary boyfriend. I’d commented several weeks ago that I was going to the CoC show because he was going to be in it, but then at the last minute there was a schedule change and he wasn’t actually in town. So he wrote to let me know that and said he hoped we’d still go and have a good time (which we did!). That was so thoughtful of him!

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