Heroes Season 2 Episode 6: The Line

I again semi-liveblogged Heroes on Twitter tonight:

  • Okay, I missed 99% of “Chuck,” but are he and Morgan in a Sandworm costume from Dune?!
  • Adam Monroe folder!!! Spoilery spoiler is right so far!
  • Woo hoo, new languages on Heroes! And Noah speaks them!
  • SYLAR!!!! <3 <3 <3
  • Ando and the scientist are the new Ando and Hiro!
  • Oh they’d better not kill off Monica, she’s awesome!
  • 1) Why are they hanging out AT SCHOOL drinking? 2) That was an AWESOME prank! (Too bad it’ll ultimately backfire, I’m sure.)
  • Ahhh, did Hiro break time again?
  • Ohhhhh nooooo… He might not’ve broken time, but he’s going to break the Kensei story…
  • Evil Kensei!!
  • Whoops… Yatta?
  • Why does Heroes have to be about an apocalyptic pandemic now?! The ONE genre that totally freaks me out!

Caitlin got over her brother’s death pretty quickly. “Well, it’s his own fault that he was burned to death by a woman looking for you. Now let’s go to Canada, mystery man I met a week ago.” West says the ability to fly means he can disobey his parents? Besides transportation, though, doesn’t he need them for other things… like, food, shelter, etc.? And Odessa (in the Ukraine) was a little disappointing, also sad in terms of Bennet and how he hasn’t really changed at all.

Very interested to see what becomes of Adam Monroe (I don’t want to wreck it for anyone, but according to the world’s most spoilery spoiler, he’s a character we’ve already met..!) Also, not nearly enough Sylar in tonight’s episode, though there was one little glance in the car that I know is going to show up as a screencap all over the internet tomorrow.

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