Halloween Show

GG’s show last night was fun. We got there around 9 PM and they usually start their show at 10, but because the Penn State game was on TV, they were told they might not be able to perform until the game was over, which probably wouldn’t be until 11 or later. And I was not very excited about having to stand around for two hours waiting… but luckily Penn state was pretty clearly losing, so the band was able to start at 10:45.

I was disappointed that there were actually very few people in costume there. I ended up just going as a regular maid, not Magenta, because the wig was too long, it was uncomfortable, and I didn’t want it to end up all smokey. I knew it’d just be a mess. All the guys in the band were in costume, though:

L to R: GG as Dr. Blue, Fetus Eater; Nick as a beer wench?; Vic as a member of The Geeks (their old band!); Ralphie as the Grim Reaper?; Vic as a vampire

GG and me (notice his fetus in a glass)

I left after their first set. (I would’ve waited until the second set, but they started late, so bla bla bla.) I’ve decided that I don’t mind going to their shows if they’re local and I can drive myself and leave early. It’s so much nicer to be able to come home and take a shower and go to bed, instead of having to wait around all night for GG, wait for him to pack up his stuff, etc. A couple hours is really all I can take before my eyes start hurting from the cigarette smoke, anyway.

In a little over an hour, we’re going to be leaving to get dinner somewhere on South Street and then see the Comedians of Comedy at the TLA… so hopefully I’ll have some photos from that coming up! (Assuming photography is allowed…)

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