Blaahhh rain.

Sacha went to the vet yesterday for a regular check-up and shots. He was so scared! He mewed from the moment I put him in the cage, the whole way there in the car, and in the waiting room. Once they put us in an exam room he calmed down, but he burrowed under the towel I had in the cat carrier with him. When the vet came (she is so nice, we love her!), she brought the towel out with him and kind of draped it over his head while she did her exam and gave him his shots, so he would feel a little more comfortable. He’s totally healthy, and he probably doesn’t have feline asthma. Then he mewed the whole way back home in the car. As soon as I let him out of the cage at home, he jumped right up on top of the kitchen cabinets! (That’s where he goes when he’s super scared.) He didn’t come down for at least an hour, and that was only after I teased him with the laser pointer. Poor baby cat!

Also last night, after two years of nagging, GG has finally moved his music stuff downstairs to his basement studio! His need to have a music studio in the basement was why our house hunt was limited to homes with full basements (preferably finished, though ours is “partially finished”). So now I’ll really never see him. At least before when he spent all day on the computer he was just in the next room. Now he’ll be in the dark, buggy basement, and I don’t want to go down there any more than I have to. I’ll miss you, GG.

I have a meeting in half an hour with the head of our department about this process mapping/database software I haven’t even touched for a year… Yay, awesome.

Hope it stops raining by this evening, it’s my night to drive the “Montco Contingent” to band practice.

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