Heroes Season 2 Episode 5: Fight or Flight

I just read the spoileriest spoiler yesterday that pretty much gives away the whole plot through episode 10 or 11. It was the talk of the internet yesterday, and actually a lot of other spoiler readers were saying that they were sorry they read it because it gave so much away. Of course, it could be totally bogus, since the person never really gave their source. But anyway, it’s making me watch now in a whole new light.

I kind of live-blogged Heroes last night, on Twitter. Here’s my posts:

  • Aww, Parkman’s dad seems so harmless, how could he be the Nightmare Man?
  • OMG trapped in nightmares! NOOOO!!
  • Waaayyyy too many commercials tonight.
  • Phew! Glad they woke up! I take back what I said about Papa Parkman earlier.
  • Oh no, who is Elle’s daddy?!
  • Oooh, Sylar is back next week! ♥ ♥ ♥

Overall, a kind of boring episode, except for the whole Nightmare Man thing. So now I’m wondering, can Matt’s dad really read minds, like his son, or was he just saying that to get Matt into the other room with him? Because otherwise, that means that Matt could potentially do the same kind of nightmare thing, right?

A shame about Caitlin’s brother, though I was never really a fan of any of the Irish characters, so I don’t mind too much. Also, Peter’s box turned out to be a major disappointment! I never watched Veronica Mars (though I’ve seen clips and commercials), but I don’t see what the big deal is about Kristen Bell. She was a pretty sucky actress, in my opinion. I mean, it felt like she was acting, not like she was a real person. And I know that the character of Elle[ctricity!] has some behaviorial “issues,” but I think she could’ve been a little more realistic in her delivery.

Also, why is the 9th Wonders “muscle mimic” named St. Jane? Does that signify anything?

Next week looks like we’re back to awesomeness! Can’t wait!

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