Ready for the work week to be over…

Last night I painted my nails with this new Avon nail polish I got called Warm Black. I was expecting it to be, well, a warm black, maybe a very dark brownish black. But it actually just appears to be a straight up black. So I was a little disappointed. Plus, I noticed this morning that the nail polish has cracked on almost every nail! Like, a long crack in the polish down the length of my nail! I’ve never seen that happen before…

Tomorrow night GG and I plan to see The Darjeeling Limited, Wes Anderson’s new film. I say we “plan” to see it because according to some web sites it doesn’t come out until next weekend, but it’s apparently playing at KoP this weekend, so we’ll see who’s right I guess. It sounds really interesting, and I’ve read that the soundtrack comes from Bollywood movies! (GG keeps spelling the title of the movie “Djeerling,” and he’s a tea lover – you’d think he would know “Darjeeling!”)

We have band practice the night of Halloween, and there’s been talk of people coming in costume, so I was thinking I might go as a Sylar victim – I could just paint a bloody slice across my forehead and that would be it. But, apparently I’m not the only person with this idea, and I’d feel pretty dumb walking around with a big gash on my face, so while it might be fun (and it would definitely be easy, because I could wear my regular clothes and still be able to play my clarinet and everything), I probably won’t actually be doing it.

I’m very tired and ready for today (and the work week) to be over!

One comment on “Ready for the work week to be over…

  1. Five bucks says Ginny is the only one to show up in costume!!!!!!!

    I know, you could show up in costume and get five bucks. That’s why I didn’t say…ten bucks.

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