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My new computer arrived yesterday! After dealing with my old desktop doing weird things, like restarting itself whenever it felt the urge (usually while I was in the middle of doing something and hadn’t saved my work), it’s so nice to have a new, fast machine. Yes, I really tricked it out when it came to RAM and processor speed. As a test, GG had me open up Photoshop, which usually takes a minute to start up. It popped open and was ready to go about twice as fast! This is going to be a multi-tasking master! (Plus, now I finally have Microsoft Office! Although, how insane are the Office 2007 programs? They don’t even have menu bars..?! I just had to guess at which tabs things might be listed under.) Also, I got a new widescreen flat panel monitor which is amazing…

Anyway, while I was going to have my old computer all unhooked from my desk, I thought we could take the opportunity to rearrange the room according to the plan I’d mapped out last week with Floorplanner. I pulled all the little stuff out of the room, and GG and I started moving furniture around. We were pretty much finished when I realized… it just wasn’t going to work. I don’t know how, it looked good on paper, but once the furniture was in place I realized how much more inconvenient it was going to be than the current layout. So we just put everything back the way it was before. (I’m sure GG loved doing all that!) Oh well. For our next house, I’ll really need seperate areas for office and crafts. I mean, even though he’s still not moved into his basement office, GG currently has two rooms for art and music! (Hey, maybe if he doesn’t move his music stuff downstairs soon, I’ll take over his space as a craft room! It’s been over two years that he’s been “working” on the office down there.)

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  1. yay for the new computer and a big fat “amen” on the Microsoft Office stuff not having menu bars. Thank God I have the main keystrokes memorized otherwise I would NEVER figure out how to print something!

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