Linky Thursday – 10/18

I don’t have tooooo many links this week, sorry. I was pretty busy with work, after-work stuff, and reading Heroes fan fiction ;o)

Vegetable Twister: Ooh, pretty! (But apparently, not that effective – read the comments.)

Brutus on The Daily Kitten: OMG, this kitty gets his teeth flossed!

Parents Use Religion to Avoid Vaccines: That’s a shame. Vaccines are scary and have been linked to lots of problems in kids. But on the other hand, if everyone stopped getting them, many diseases that we’ve eradicated would come back. Yet another reason for me to not have kids – I wouldn’t want to have to make that choice.

Time’s 50 Best Web Sites of 2007: Etsy made #5! Is it sad, though, that I’ve only heard of only heard of 21 of these, and only used 5 of them?

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