MU Homecoming 2007

Saturday was Homecoming at MU. I had a bunch of plans lined up, and I was going to get up at 5:30 and be out at school before they closed the roads for the parade at 8:45.

So I got up at 5:30, no problem, and first had to go to GG’s parents’ house to feed their cats. GG was supposed to do it but his band got a last minute show on the Jersey shore, and he was in New Jersey from Friday night until he got home at 6 AM Sunday morning. So anyway, I fed the cats. Then I headed out to MU. I made great time and arrived around 8:30. I got a good parking spot, and started wandering around campus. I walked through the art building, where I spent quite a lot of time durin school. There was a great student exhibit in the third floor gallery, and I was pretty impressed by the graphic design work that the students are producing!

After the art building, I headed to the SMC (Student Memorial Center, pronounced “smack”), and got a breakfast sandwich and some juice. While there, my brother called me to let me know he was awake, so I headed to his house. He’s living in this house just off campus with three other guys, and boy is it ever a “college boy house.” I won’t get into it, suffice to say it’s littered with beer cans and has some weird smells. They seem to be getting along well there, though, and it’s a neat little old house for them.

My brother and I hung out at his place for probably a couple hours, and then we decided to go get some lunch. We walked down to this cafe (where I always end up taking him for lunch when I come to visit at school), and the parade was still going by, so we watched that for about half an hour until it was over. I caught the PSP float… Well it wasn’t a float, it was their Charity King nominee in a car with some other Brothers walking alongside. So we went in and got lunch – he had some sort of turkey sandwich and I had a vegetable wrap. (Remember this, it will be important later.) After lunch, we went our seperate ways – he went home to sleep or get ready for the night’s kegger or whatever, and I walked all over the place before going back to the SMC, where I ran into a couple other people.

Lina eventually showed up, and we wandered around campus together some more. By this point I was feeling a little tired, having been up since 5:30 and walking around all day, so I grabbed this canned Starbucks coffee drink (from the on-campus convenience store I used to work in – ah, memories). Shortly after, Christine called to tell me she was on campus and ready to meet up! She and Lina and I walked to the pond on campus and checked out some stuff there, and discovered that what had once been a steep hill by the dining hall and auditorium was now a waterfall/garden/memorial thing in honor of the previous president’s wife.

We started taking pictures there, and it was pretty crazy. First I got a picture with Lina:

Then I got one with Christine:

While Christine and I were posing, this group of guys walked by, and one of them jumped in front of us and wouldn’t leave until we had a photo with him!

Then the rest of the guys gathered around and we got a picture with all of them!

The guy in the plaid shirt knows my brother! (Though my brother said he doesn’t recognize any of the guys in the photo.)

Christine had to head out, and Lina and I kept wandering around campus. We went into the psychology/humanities/foreign languages building and I sat down for a minute. Suddenly, I was not feeling good. We got up to leave and I felt even worse. I went into the bathroom and thought for sure I was going to throw up, but I didn’t, so we headed towards the stadium for the football game. It was already the third quarter, and they were letting people in for free. However, I was just not feeling good. I told Lina where our Brothers usually sit in the stands, and I headed back to my car to try to take a nap.

Lina called me a couple minutes after I got to my car. Apparently, she didn’t see any Brothers at the game. She’d called Dan (whose house we were going to go to after the game) and he said I could come over early and nap at his house if I wanted. I gladly took him up on the offer, and drove over to his place. I crashed on his bed and slept for about an hour. By the time I got up and wandered out into the living room, most of the other guests had arrived. I still wasn’t feeling that great, so I just sat on the sofa with my head still, sipping a glass of water, while everyone else drank beer and ate sandwiches. I did try to at least participate in the conversation, which was very entertaining. After a while, most of the girls had moved upstairs to the loft to look something up on Dan’s computer,and most of the guys were talking in the kitchen. I went to the bathroom for a second and… threw up. Whew! So gross (um, it appeared to be bits of that vegetable wrap I’d had for lunch), but I felt so much better. I went into the kitchen and joined in the conversation and had a good time for the last, like, 30 minutes that I was there. But then everyone wanted to head out to the bar and it was a bit later than I’d planned on staying out there anyway, so when everyone left for the bar I just headed home.

So… good, busy day. Sunday was spent relaxing and catchin up on my chores. And today was so busy at work – and my boss isn’t even around this week (luckily)!

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