7 Habits

So today we’re doing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people workshop – my whole department at work. And I’m the person on the planning committee who researched all the courses, chose the course, booked the instructor, etc. And all day people have been telling me what a great course I picked and what a great instructor we got! So that makes me feel good :o)

We’re in, I think, our last break of the day. When we get back, we have habits 6 and 7 to get through (but I think 7 is quick, it’s basically just, “Do habits 1-6 on a regular basis”), and then we have our big dinner.

By the way, it looks like people are liking the floorplan option below where the bed is against the wall on the left. That looks like a good choice, I won’t have to move the biggest pieces of furniture…

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