I’ve been using this web site, Floorplanner.com, to rearrange the furniture in my office/craft room/guest room/clothes storage area. The situation is getting pretty crazy in here.

So here’s how the room is currently set up. (Keep in mind that none of these pictures include my drawer units, boxes of random stuff, other things laying around, etc.) As you can see, the bookcase and my craft/serwing table and squished together against the wall between the windows and radiators. Also, the head of the bed is right by the door into the room, and they always say that when the person laying the bed can’t see the door, it creates tension in the room. It’s not a good setup.

Now here’s two potential new layouts. What do you think?

In other news, day one of our department Annual Meeting today actually went really well! The presentations were all just the right length, nothing dragged on or got too boring. We did this icebreaker game where we had to guess whose baby pictures were whose, and Heather and I tied for first place! We each guessed 28 out of 35 correctly, and won a big mug of candy :o) Also, unbeknownst to me, I won an Above and Beyond award, which is actually a company thing, not a department thing. I was so surprised! (And there is money associated with this award..!)

That’s all for now… Two more days of Annual Meeting, but no more actual “meetings.” Tomorrow we’re doing 7 Habits of Highly Effective People all day (this was the part I planned, as a member of the planning committee), and having a big dinner afterwards. And Thursday we’re going on a tour of our office in Philadelphia. It’s just fun to see everyone all at once, especially our co-workers from Europe.

8 comments on “Floorplanning

  1. Oh, the first alternative, definitely. The layout of everything looks far more balanced … and there’s not even all that much for you to move.

    What is that big rectangle? How tall is it? Does it have to go with its shorter edge to the wall?

  2. Haha, “threatening corridor” … No, although with the current layout there’s a bit of a tight squeeze between the black table and the new wardrobe as you enter the room :o/

  3. Actually, I just ordered a new computer, which should arrive in the next few days. So I was thinking I’d unplug my old computer, move all the furniture, and then set up the new computer in its new spot.

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