Heroes Season 2 Episode 3: Kindred

10 PM on Mondays is the most horrible part of my week… because it’s the longest possible time before another episode of Heroes! I haven’t written much about Season 2 yet, but it’s not disappointing me.

Claire and West’s story was very sweet – though the flying scene was pretty cheesy. And he must be pretty strong to hold her that whole time, I mean not that she’s heavy, but it must’ve been a bit of a strain on him. Though, if he’d dropped her, it’s not like she’d die! I am just hoping that he doesn’t convince her to murder her father..! (As that painting might lead one to believe.) Girls can do crazy things when they are in love with a new boyfriend… You know, I am actually surprised that the Haitian didn’t completely wipe HRG (from before, during, and after the kidnapping) from West’s memory.

I wonder what’s going to happen to poor Hiro. He must realize that if he gets the girl, he’ll break history! I also wonder if DL is really dead…

And Sylar… While I was glad to see Zach Quinto and his hott eyebrows back this week (finally!), I am a little confused about what was going on. Who was Candice working for? Clearly, someone put her in the jungle shack and did surgery on Sylar. Is it possible that being dead is just another illusion? Or else, what’s wrong with Sylar that he can do his killing and apparently his personal brain surgery, but can’t actually use the powers? Oh well, I’m totally happy with (Betty)/Candice/Michelle getting killed off – I always said she was way too powerful.

[Insert Peter Petrelli/Dick in a Box joke here.] What was up with his tattoo changing?! I guess it disappeared because it was technically a wound?

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