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My computer has been acting really funky for the past few months. At first, it would just randomly restart sometimes. Then that started happening more and more frequently. Then it would sometimes just freeze completely and I’d have to restart it manually. It was getting really bad, and would usually happen at least once every time I went to use it. Sometimes when it restarted a window would come up automatically from Microsoft with their suggestions on what the problem was and how to correct it. Usually it said they had no idea what the problem was. Then once it said the problem was caused by my external Zip drive, which I hardly use, so I disconnected and uninstalled it. A couple times now, it said the problem was caused by my antivirus software, and to make sure that it’s up to date (it is) and that there aren’t two different antivirus things running at the same time (there aren’t). On Saturday morning it had a major freakout where I couldn’t even turn the computer back on – it would just sit there and beep! I had to turn off the plug strip, wait a while, and then came back and it worked fine like nothing had happened. Ugh! So the first thing I did was back up all my files on GG’s external hard drive, and then I went online and ordered a new Dell! It should be here next week :o)

In other news this weekend, GG and I went to a restaurant/bar on Friday night for a going away party for a former co-worker of his who’s moving to Arizona. The place is called Moe’s, and it’s all Simpsons themed! There’s Simpsons murals on the walls, and statues of the characters, and the characters are in the menu. They even serve Duff beer! Apparently, people were always thinking that the owners would probably get in trouble if Fox ever found out about the place, but eventually Fox found out and they were totally cool with it! So it was pretty fun – this guy has some interesting friends, like a freak show performer who drives nails up his nose! (We left shortly before he performed his nail trick, unfortunately.)

Jess came over on Sunday morning – with her nice big SUV – and we went to Ikea to get that wardrobe I wanted. It just fit in her truck, so I know there’s no way it would’ve fit in my car. It was much bigger and heaver than I’d realized. I spent all afternoon building this thing, and it was hot and I didn’t have much room to maneuver. But now it’s built, and it looks great! I put half my clothes in there, and my regular closet still seems completely full! I want to organize things a bit better overall in that room, though. It’s serving as an office, craft room, guest bedroom, and my dressing room (or at least clothes storage), and it seems like it’s getting junkier and junkier. I may need to move some things down to the basement, and there’s definitely some stuff I just need to get rid of.

Speaking of craft room, someone from etsy bought all three of the knit baby caps that were for sale in my shop, and ordered five additional ones in different color combinations! I already made two of the five last night, and I need to go buy one more ball of yarn today to make some of the others. She has a baby boutique and likes to sell handmade items from etsy sellers there! So, on one hand I’m kind of sad that they’re going to be resold. But on the other hand, it’ll be good exposure (I’ll be sure to tag everything and include business cards)!

Also, they’re blocking Flickr from work again! Boo :o(

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