This entry features copious amounts of parenthesis.

GG was supposed to interview for a new job last night, but when the manager told him to come in on Tuesday he must have forgotten that he’d be at some sort of management conference all week. Good thing GG called ahead! So he rescheduled for Friday.

Since we now had the whole evening free, I suggested a trip to Ikea. I wanted to look at wardrobes again (I really need more hanging clothes space), as well as check out this set of drawers I thought I’d use by my desk for office supplies.

We got to the drawers first. What I want to do is swap my three-drawer plastic storage thing for one of those units with a whole bunch of shallow drawers. I’d been looking at the Helmer drawers in the Ikea catalog, but when I got to the store I was surprised by how tiny they were! There’s also the Alex drawer unit, which is nice, but a little wide and also a little more than I was planning to spend.

So that was a bust, and then we headed to the wardrobes, where I usually don’t have much luck finding something I like that will fit the space I have to work with (I’ve been checking for a while now), but I knew there were some new products available and I actually found two things I liked! Neither is on the US web site, as far as I can tell. The first one I saw is the Hosle wardrobe (seen on the Ikea Australia site), with two sliding doors and a shelf inside above a hanging bar. We wouldn’t have been able to bring anything home last night, because GG doesn’t have his car back yet and the long boxes won’t fit in my car (at least not with GG in the passenger seat), so I just wrote down the number and we headed out. Then we came across the Hajdeby in a display in the self-serve warehouse! (I can’t find a link for this anywhere, except for a small picture on the Ikea Hong Kong site.) The style matches my desk and other furniture in the room perfectly, and it has two doors that open out, two small drawers, and a shelf and hanging bar. I need to go back and get it! (It also costs way less than anything else!)

Then we went to Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner and GG got a big beer (since I was driving), and when we got home he pretty much fell asleep for the night. I napped too, for a little bit, but I also caught True Life “This is Me Now” (update show), and the season two premiere episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Yay, television. (I still want to rescue Jon. Who’s with me?!)

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