Linky Thursday – 10/4

Hugging Banned at Chicago Middle School: The principal says “students were forming ‘hug lines’ that made them late for classes and crowded the hallways.” You can read a discussion on this topic on etsy.

Kitty Litter Cake: Seriously? Ew.

Unclutterer – Unitasker Wednesday: Remember that site Unclutterer I posted last week? This is my favorite section of theirs. Every Wednesday they review a “unitasker” – a single-use item that mainly causes clutter in your home. (I know Alton Brown of Good Eats is against unitaskers as well!)

Not Martha on Matteresses: Tons of good info here if you’re looking to purchase a new one. (Not that we’re in the market for a new mattress. But I’m sleepy right now.)

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