Party Prep

For those who didn’t know, GG and I are having a housewarming party this Sunday. Yes, over a year after he actually bought the house. We would’ve done it last summer, after we moved in, but without central air it was so unbearably hot all summer. So we thought his one-year anniversary would be an appropriate time to have the party. And the temperature will be perfect.

So we each put together a guest list and sent out an evite about a month ago, and now here it is party time, and we’ve invited way too many people and way too many of them have said they’re coming. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can have some people in the backyard or something, because otherwise there will just be an unbelievable amount of people in the house.

Oh but the main point I wanted to make was that I was worried about food and stuff, but last night I borrowed my mom’s Costco card and GG and I went on a little scouting mission. We ended up getting about $100 worth of snacks, appetizers, and paper goods (cups, plates, napkins). And I ordered some trays of sandwiches and wraps to pick up on Sunday. My mom’s helping out by making some other stuff, and hopefully my grandmother and maybe GG’s mom and/or grandmother can make some food, too. Just brownies or something.

Now… I just hope that with all this food, we actually get all the guests we were expecting!

Still to do (this list is more for my own use, I guess):

  • get soda/juice (party is BYOB)
  • get plasticwear (even though I hope to have only food you can eat with your hands…)
  • order some balloons for the porch
  • vacuum entire house
  • clean kitchen and bathroom
  • hide away all our junk (I have some hiding places in mind!)

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