Labor Day Weekend

It’s been a pretty relaxing weekend. Vickie (from my recent England swap) turned me on to digital scrapbooking, which I didn’t really “get,” but she gave me a lot of really good links, and I’ve been playing around with it. I made a set on flickr for the pages I’m making – it’s friends & family only. So I’ve been downloading a lot of stuff for that.

On Saturday morning, GG and I went to meet this guy he works with to buy a laptop. The guy has a side business where he basically sells overstock kind of things, so GG got a really good deal on a nice computer. After that, we tried to go to Nudy’s Cafe in Devon for brunch, but it was totally packed, nowhere to park, crowds of people waiting outside just to get in. I mean, their pancakes are good, but not that good. We ended up going to this little deli/cafe where there were no other customers, and had the best bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich ever. (GG had sausage, egg, and cheese, which he said was also the best ever.)

Besides that, I did a bunch of errands and chores around the house. The last chore I have left to do for the weekend is to fold the laundry that’s in the dryer right now… don’t know if that’s going to happen tonight, though. Big excitement: we got a new shower curtain. (It does match the bathroom perfectly, though!)

GG and I are going to New Hope for the day tomorrow. I saw on their web site that there’s a “Labor Day Extravaganza” or something… hope that’s really the case. Even if there’s no extravaganza, I hope stuff is open!

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  1. Funny, Tara, Gerry and me were at Nudy’s Sat morning. Wasn’t that crowded at first, then all of a sudden it was swarming inside and out. We were inside – in your spot – sorry :-). I think, that’s actually Wayne, PA there.

    Nudy’s has another diner in Frazer, also very good.

    So what kind of laptop did you get from this guy, if you don’t mind me asking? We’re toying with the idea as take along for trips.

  2. Actually, there’s a Nudy’s in Phoenixville we were at a couple weeks ago, and it was full but not crowded on a Saturday at brunch. And definitely not as cramped quarters as the one in Devon.

    The laptop is actually for GG (I already got my laptop, you’ll remember). I don’t know all the specs, but it’s an HP and came out around last December. It’s pretty powerful, dual processor, I forget how much RAM and all that. There’s actually a new version out already (we saw it at Best Buy), but GG is happy with the one he got because it still has Windows XP installed on it. If you buy a new one now, it’ll come with Windows Vista.

  3. Thanks for the info.

    I didn’t know there was a Nudy’s in Phoenixville.Hmmmm.
    We go there a lot to visit Tara’s sister’s family.

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