Linky Thursday

Practice Mensa Test: How’d you do? I got 20 out of 30, not bad, they said I’d have a good chance of passing the actual test!

The Boy Who Everyone Loved and Who Never Died: “Hello! I’m from the candy bank! We made too much candy!”

Where’s George: I’m sure you’ve seen this site before – enter the serial number of a dollar bill (or any other denomination), and you can track where it’s traveled around the country. I’ve used this site several times through the years, and it was brought back to my attention recently when I got a dollar from Stuckey’s in Virginia with stamped on it. I entered it into the computer. Now here’s the weird part: it actually started in Pennsylvnia (near Erie) three years ago, and I’m the first person to have logged it back in since then! What kind of adventures must it have had on its way to Virginia?

Eagles Cell Phone Flask: It looks like a cell phone in a leather case. But, it’s actually a 4 oz. flask! I can think of several guys – and a couple girls – this would be a perfect gift for. (Lots of other teams can be found at the eBay store Sports Gifts For You.)

For Heather: Funny stuff from the Troll…

The Troll explained her theory that prehistoric humans used to hibernate like bears. The appendix* filtered things out while people slept.

* It took her a while to remember that word. She tried kidney and spleen first, while trying to remember, “What’s the name of that organ that they take out?” Marge volunteered, “Lobotomy?”

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