I think I need glasses

[Edit – 6:57 PM] The home show (new link) was not as awesome as I’d expected. I thought it would be like HGTV in person, but it was more like… you know all those ads you get every week for gutter guards and driveway resurfacing and everything else? It was like that in person. We did sign up for estimates from three different tub fitter places, though, which was good. One of them is actually coming here this week.

Also, new little photo shoot on the About Me page![/Edit]

I was going to post here yesterday, but then I didn’t, because, bla, it was kind of a sucky day. Jess and I went to this intranet owners’ forum, and we were sitting towards the back of the room, and the projector was kind of blurry, and I think I need glasses anyway, and I must have strained my eyes or something trying to watch this presentation. We went to lunch right afterward, and I was feeling a little dizzy but I thought maybe I just needed to eat something. When I got back to my desk after lunch, though, I was not feeling good. I ended up leaving work early. Minutes after I got home, I threw up … ugh … but I think it was because I was so dizzy and nauseous, not from anything I ate. After that, I had to spend the rest of the night napping or just laying quietly with my eyes closed.

Anyway, not that you needed to read all that…

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of GG’s purchase of our house. And next weekend is our housewarming party. Which means we’ve got a week, and we’ve barely done anything to prepare, besides inviting way too many people.

Today we’re going to the Home Show. It’ll be like HGTV, but in person!

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