Heading Down to Vacationtown

I made a big mistake at work today. There’s a woman who sits near me (who has such an annoying voice, by the way), and she’s always having little technical problems and questions and things. It takes a lot of effort for me to not call over to her and tell her how to easily fix her problem. But I usually bite my tongue. Julie and Jess used to sit by her, and they knew that once you start helping her out, she’ll always come to you for advice. Well, today she was going on and on about not being able to get a certain time to show up when she made appointments. I knew how to change settings and set the times you want displayed, but I bit my tongue and grimaced and listed to her asking everyone else in the world for help, calling the Helpdesk, and everything else. Finally, I couldn’t take listening to her whiny voice anymore, and I walked over (while she had the Helpdesk on the phone, no less!), and quickly showed her what to do. Apparently, I’ve made their group’s day, and they’re so excited that they can make appointments at the times they want now. Unfortunately, they now know that I sit opposite them, and already two people have walked by my desk to thank me, so I’ve probably opened a big can of worms with this…

Today is our usual half-day at work, and then we’re going out for a luncheon for a co-worker who’s leaving for another company (she also happens to have been my boss for about a year and a half, and I watched her cats a couple times while she was on vacation). She actually was part of our department’s big lay-offs last year, and took a job with the company that was taking over the training function for our organization, so she’s still been here, but working for another employer. Her new job is literally right down the street from her house, though – like, a mile away. Lucky!

I found this really nice LiveJournal community this morning, Lovely Living. Basically a younger, hipper, more realistic Martha Stewart, it has daily reminders of chores you should get done, things you should enjoy, etc. Plus recommendations of web sites, movies, TV shows, books… Very cute, I’m going to start reading it!

In an e-mail to GG yesterday, I laid out our plan for the next week or so:

  • Saturday – Heather & Joe’s wedding
  • Sunday – head down to Vacationtown
  • Monday – Crabtown, USA
  • Tuesday – enjoy Vacationtown, or go to Williamsburg for the day
  • Wednesday – enjoy Vacationtown, or go to Williamsburg for the day
  • Thursday – Vacationtown in AM, OCMD in PM, then home
  • Friday – Helium 8PM

3 comments on “Heading Down to Vacationtown

  1. I have a similar story to that only mine has to do with the photocopier getting jammed all the time (which happens to be right across from my desk). I want to get a camera and record all the people trying to fix it and put the videos on youtube.

  2. Haha, yeah I used to sit next to the copier room, and people would always walk in, see all the red lights flashing on the machine, and walk right out. That was fun to watch.

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