Gimme Your Stuff Swap – with England

My second Gimme Your Stuff swap is complete!

Vickie is a nurse from rural England. She’s really into scrapbooking, so I sent her a whole bunch of scrapbook supplies: stickers, frames, pockets, papers, and a scrapbooking magazine.

I was so surprised when I opened my package from Vickie today, and saw all the awesome stuff she sent! GG had requested Wine Gums, which are a fruity gummy candy, so she sent a bunch of those, as well as some similar fruity candies. She also sent Nestle Smarties, which are like hollow M&Ms. That big package on the left in the photo is some sort of puffed corn fruit flavored stuff. I wasn’t sure if it was cereal or candy, but guessed it was candy based on the fact that everything else was candy. But, if it was from the US, it would be cereal – it tastes almost exactly like Fruit Loops. She also sent along some cute tissues, a postcard, a book about the regional accent, some coins, and a cell phone charm with my initial.

Even though we agreed on a price limit of $20 (and I went just a bit over), I feel bad like I didn’t send enough to her. But I guess you get more candy than scrapbook stuff for $20. Overall, a very good swap! Thanks Vickie!!

6 comments on “Gimme Your Stuff Swap – with England

  1. Ooooh what a lovely treat!! Are those Rainbow Drops, the cereal candy? They’re really rare! You can only get those in old-fashioned type sweet shops these days. I think they are made of puffed rice.

    Haha, that Geordie book looks fun! A colleague of mine at work is from Newcastle, and has an incredibly strong Geordie accent! It’s actually not even just an accent; they have a whole different grammar structure! ;)

    Pfft, Smarties are not hollow! Bite one it half and you’ll see chocolate inside. But the real question is: do the orange ones taste of orange to you?! :)

  2. I hadn’t seen puffed rice for ages but loved it when I was a kid. Its definitely candy!
    Us Geordies so have a language all of our own, I think you’ll have fun trying to pronounce the words in there!
    And Smarties are very similar to M&M’s – the orange ones used to taste like choc orange but the spoilsports at Nestle have taken all the colours and flavours out of them!
    I can’t wait to receive the goodies you sent to me!
    Thank you for a fantastic swap! X

  3. Okay, Smarties are not hollow … they are just crunchier than M&Ms, I guess. (And maybe that first one I bit into had an air bubble or something.) And the orange ones do taste orange!

  4. Brilliant! I’m glad you think the orange ones taste orange too. I recently conducted an experiment at work whereby someone was blindfolded to see if they could still tell which one was orange, or whether it was purely psychological. It turned out to be true: orange ones definitely do taste orangey! :)

  5. Smarties are the BEST. They have great sweets in England….we spent a couple of summers there and got hooked on Smarties. My ex-husbands mother always goes to the English shop in LA to get my daughter Smarties for Christmas and her birthday. The orange ones USED to be really orangy….now not so much.

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