I’m way too excited about everything.

Last night my mom and I went out for shopping and dinner. It was nice. I pretty much hated her while I was living at home (especially sharing a bedroom with her!), but she’s okay in small doses.

I got a stereo for our dining room (finally!) …It’s designed for iPods, and it’s actually called the iSymphony, and I know I said I didn’t want an i-anything, but it’s exactly the right size and perfect color (black stained wood speakers), and there’s a lot of other neat features about it. There’s a USB port, which I assumed meant I could plug my own MP3 player into it via USB cable, but it turns out I can’t :o( However, it did charge the MP3 player while it was plugged in. So I think I’ll be able to plug the MP3 player into the audio in jack, and hook up the USB cable, and play music from it without running down the battery. I hope. This will require some other audio cable that GG has to pull from his band equipment, so we’ll have to experiment tonight. But anyway, it will also play MP3, WMA, and I think some other file types, from data CDs, USB drives, and memory cards! Plus, regular radio and CD player, of course.

Also, we picked up a bunch of stuff for my birthday party. I don’t think I mentioned it here yet… but I am turning 25 this year, and I’m having a pirate-themed birthday party! (I liked pirates before they were cool, any of my college friends can vouch for me..!) So we went to the party store and raided the pirate department. I already had some paper pirate hats and skull and crossbones pencils. Now I also have a treasure map table cloth, some little fold-up cardboard treasure chests (to put snacks in, I think), pirate napkins, a banner, eye patches and clip-on gold earrings… oh, and a parrot that attaches to your shoulder! Hahaha! (Oh, I just thought of the most perfect thing – I will serve Pirate’s Booty in the treasure chests!) Closer to the date of the party, I will order some balloons to put up outside – I think black, white, and red latex balloons.

At dinner, my mom was telling me about all her upcoming trips. She and her boyfriend travel quite a lot. He’s always going to business conferences, and they also travel to my aunt and uncle’s house in Florida a couple times a year. She was telling me about how she’s going down there in January, but her boyfriend doesn’t really like going because there’s nothing for him to do and he prefers to be home so he can work, and I was like, “Hey, I’ll go!” So I think I’m going! My aunt and uncle live down there during the winter, but they’ll be away for a week, so my mom is going down to watch their dogs, and I’ll probably go, too. Yes, this means I have to fly on an airplane. Anxiety!! But… I think a big part of my nervousness about flying is thinking about all the planning and coordination that goes into just getting to the airport, checking in luggage, etc. If I’m going with my mom, I don’t have to plan anything myself, she’ll know when the flights are and how to get there and bla bla bla. So all I’ll really have to worry about is motion sickness..!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wow, 25……I’m old. :-(, but it beats the alternative.

    Anyhow, I’ve belonged to the Reading Buccaneers since 1975 and as you might expect love piratey things.

    One cool site if you haven’t seen it is, Dead men tell no tales. address:


    Maybe you can link it if you like it.

  2. If you don’t mind a longer trip, you could go by Amtrak to Florida. Have your mom pick you up at the nearest station. It’s an overnight trip, but you can get a sleeper car $$ or just ride coach $. Bring snacks, bento? Less stress, usually very nice traveling companions, but more time and money than a flight, I believe. Definitely more fun than a plane.

    Just got back from vacation in South Dakota/Wyoming. I hate flying – not scared – just a very uncomfortable way to travel.

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