Hey, remember that table I bought last October?

Remember back in October and November when we were redoing our kitchen? And I ordered a new table and chairs from this web site, One Way Furniture? Their gimmick is that you pay a $6.99 service fee, but shipping is free. So I ordered everything, received it, no problem.

On Saturday, I got a letter from the shipping company. Apparently, they have been trying this whole time to collect $111.30 in freight charges from the furniture company. Now it has become my responsibility to pay these charges by August 31. Whaaa??

So I wrote the following letter to the One Way Furniture help center. I also plan to contact the shipping company later on (they’re in California, so I can’t call yet) to make sure I understand the issue correctly, and also see if they’ve had this problem with the furniture company before, or if this is maybe a one-time thing that somehow slipped through the cracks.

I ordered a table and set of four chairs from you on October 22. The order was delivered by Target Logistic Services shipping company on November 01. I paid $479 for the furniture, plus a $6.99 service fee, with free shipping.

On August 11, I received a letter from Target Logistic Services stating that they have made multiple attempts to collect freight charges from your company and, unable to do so, are now charging me $111.30 in shipping costs, due by August 31.

As I was promised “free shipping” by One Way Furniture, I expect that your company will be paying these outstanding fees. Please let me know if you need any further information to resolve this issue. Thank you.

…Will update when more info becomes available…

[Edit – 1:06 PM] I checked in on the ticket I submitted this morning, and the status had been changed to Closed. I logged in to see what the problem had been, but in the “solution” section (where I assume they would write how they solved the problem), the only thing was a guy’s e-mail signature:


Anthony Duffy

So I reopened the ticket with my response:

I see that the ticket has been closed. Could you please confirm with me that this issue has been resolved? You can e-mail me at ***@***.com – Thank you.


[Edit – 8/14, 9:56 AM] It continues!


My apologies, I closed the issue due to that the operations manager here had planed on calling you himself to take care of the situation. I hope that by this time he has done this and you were able to resolve this matter, if he has not called you than please reply to this message, and if this has been taken care of than I’m glad and I hope you have a nice day. Again my apologies for your inconvenience.


Anthony Duffy

Thanks for your response. I have not received any phone calls or other communication. Could you please provide me the name and number for the operations manager, so I can call him myself?

I do have a phone number for a Brian at One Way Furniture, which was on the letter I got from the shipping company. I was trying to call him all day yesterday, but only got voicemail. Maybe this is the guy who was going to call me? Otherwise, maybe I’ll try calling him again today and leave a message. [/Edit]

[Edit – 8/14, 1:41 PM] Still more!

Hello Again,

Ok, I have went to talk to the Operations Manager and asked if he can make sure he contacts you today and he has told me that he most certainly will get in touch with you TODAY to clear this up.


Anthony Duffy

Still no phone call, though. [/Edit]

[Edit – 8/14, 3:26 PM] Brian from One Way Furniture just called me! He said that his company was aware of the problem and would be working with the shipping company. Apparently there was a discrepancy, some of their payments to the shippers were held up, bla bla bla, and he’s been on the phone with people about this all day. The shipping company was contacting One Way Furniture’s customers in an attempt to get to OWF. He said I shouldn’t need to follow up with the shipping company, because he’s been in touch with them already. Soooo, I hope this means the case is closed, and nobody is going to show up at my house to reposess my kitchen table! [/Edit]

4 comments on “Hey, remember that table I bought last October?

  1. You see this in business all the time. OWF is not paying their bills and if your shipping bill was from the Fall of last year, they are waaaay behind.
    Stay on top of this and review your agreement with OWF to make sure there is no clause saying you may have to pay shipping costs.
    If there isn’t, you’re probably in the clear but that doesn’t mean the shipping company doesn’t have the right to try to collect from you. They may even sue you. Or worse, turn you over to a collection agency for non payment of your portion of OWF’s bill.

    If you paid with a credit card, make sure you make the credit card company aware of the dispute. They may even have some advice for you.

    What a pain! Wait. See what happens. In the long run you may find it easier just to pay the shipping and forget about it.

    Good luck.

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